Eternal Perspective

This post really challenged me. We can get so comfortable in our faith and forget the gospel is not about us but about Jesus dying on the cross and spreading His love to everyone!!!


“What are you supposed to be doing? Who are you waiting for?”

“No one, I have a car…I have things I could be doing, I suppose, but you guys are more important.”

Hesitation, then softly, “Thank you for saying that.”


Everyone desires to be important and to be cherished. There are those who want to be famous and important in that way, but for most of us, we just want to matter to someone in a more personal way. This past Sunday has been one of my favorite days in Zimbabwe (though, if I’m being honest, I probably have twenty “top five” days). After having tea for Pastor Bonnie’s birthday, I decided to head to Connections, but along the way, I saw a group of the orphans from Ivordale. Every time I have seen them around the Centre, I have chatted with them because I have not been able…

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