The Last Word…..

I believed (trusted in, relied on, and clung to my God), and therefore have I spoken [even when I said], I am greatly afflicted.  Psalms 116:10

This scripture is so deep. The author had a lot of things going on. He was in great affliction according to the word. What really ministers to me about him is, he didn’t hide the fact he was going through tough times. We need to acknowledge when we going through those times. We are helping no one by smiling and hiding what’s really going on. He was not afraid to admit he was going through stuff but he didn’t stop there. His faith was in God. The amplified says he trusted, relied on and clung to God! There was a desperation in him. Even though he was going through hell he knew there was Something bigger than the hell he was facing. This is the important part, as he believed he spoke! His last word was what he believed about God. He didn’t complain or murmur and accuse God, no! He spoke about his deliverance.

Things may be hard for you now. You may see no way out but know God is your deliverance. But your deliverance will not just come. You need to speak it out. it’s OK to admit you going through hell but don’t stop there, let your last word be about your deliverer!!!! What God has said to you should be the last thing that comes out of your mouth!! Cling onto God. No matter how fierce the storm gets, hold on. Don’t let go. Hang on to God with everything you have got and keep on speaking your deliverance.


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