A Story About A Little Girl!!!!!

I would like to share something amazing that happened to me yesterday. It is a story about me but in actual fact it is a testimony about how amazing God is.

I was at youth last night helping out. As I was doing that a friend of mine came in late with a few friends and asked where youth was happening. I told her the venue and she left. The strange thing though was one of her friends who I had never met but looked so familiar was staring at me. She seemed to have recognized me and I her but from where I don’t know! Anyway youth finished and only when she left did it hit me. I did know the girl who was looking at me!!

A few years back when I used to work at a Thai Restaurant there was a customer who had a little girl that I knew very well. I used to play with her whenever she came. She would tell me about what new toys she got and where she traveled and so on. As our friendship grew stronger my heart broke for her because I knew she was not a Christian. I now remember crying out to God for her and her family. God had given me a love for this little girl that I can’t explain. So I prayed and cried out to God and that was that. To top things off the restaurant closed down and that meant I would never see the little girl again!!

And yes, the teenage girl who was looking at me was the little girl i used to play with all that time back!!! It is at least four years back!! I had totally forgotten her even to a point that I did not recognize her last night at youth!! But God doesn’t forget! I hope my prayers played a part in her coming to the Lord or her hearing the word last night. I am so grateful to God, not because He answered my prayer but because the little girl who is now a teenager has heard the word of the Lord!!!! My faith has been given a boost after last night. There are a few lessons to learn from this:

– Don’t take for granted the impact you have in someone’s life.

– God does not forget your prayers! He has heard each and every single prayer you have prayed no matter how big or how small it may have seemed.

– God does answer prayer. He really does.

– His heart is for the lost. And when you have forgotten about them He hasn’t!!!!

– He is so GOOD!!!!

That is my testimony. God is totally Amazing!!!!!!!



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