The Promise land in Danger!!!

I have been loving the book of Joshua these past couple of weeks. It has been a book in season for me.
I am going to talk about God’s plan for us. We all know (at least I hope) that God has an amazing destiny for us. God wants use us to touch the world. He wants us to be light in this darkness.
I was reading the book of Joshua and I saw something. It seemed insignificant at first but as I meditated on it more and more, the more serious it became.
In the book of Joshua we read about how the Israelite s got into the promise land and began taking what God promised them but when Joshua dies everything changes. The tribe of Judah is the first tribe were we see something strange happening. They have been taking their allotted land but then we read they couldn’t take a certain piece of land because the people in that place had iron chariots!!! (Joshua 1:18,19)
From there we read how one by one the other tribes fail to take the land God has given them and they resort for something way below what God planned for them! They lived with the people they were supposed to destroy and put them to forced labor!! Was that really God’s plan for them? This is what I am trying to get to in this post.
Israel for some reason didn’t take all God had for them. They settled for mediocrity. Were they tired of fighting, maybe? Were they in fear, maybe?
Did they lose heart because the people they were facing were just too strong, maybe? Was God ok with them not destroying the people they were supposed to destroy? No!!!  Look at what He says in Judges 2:1-2,

God’s angel went up from Gilgal to Bokim and said, “I brought you out of Egypt; I led you to the land that I promised to your fathers; and I said, I’ll never break my covenant with you – never! And you’re never to make a covenant with the people who live in this land. Tear down their altars! But you haven’t obeyed me! What’s this that you’re doing? 

They were supposed to destroy the nations. God knew they had iron chariots, He knew they were strong but He also knew He would help His people. My question and challenge to you is this, are you living out everything God called you to do or have you settled for second best because you are in fear. You saw what God wanted you to do but you thought you were not the right person. You thought He made a mistake or you got tired of fighting that you just settled for second best??

Personally I know there is so much God has called me to do but I am not pursuing all that God has for me. It doesn’t matter if the land God has for me has giants and iron chariots, God is with me. It’s the same for you. He is with you to destroy the giants and the iron chariots. The enemy will not give up without a fight!
Let us not settle for a mediocre life. Let us aim for the best God has for us. Don’t settle for second best. Stand up and trust God. I know  God will destroy all your enemies. Refuse second best, refuse, mediocrity! God’s plan for you is worth the fight. The story of the Israelite’s is not our story. Our story is one of victories and enemies being destroyed. Our story has a God end!!! Our story will tell of how we went conquering the enemy and how we lived a life of trust in God and how we accomplished all that God had for us!!!!!!   Amen.