The Problem With Mission Impossible!

Throughout our life God will ask us to do things that seem beyond our reach, crazy, to big for us to handle, in other words impossible. But what are we to do in those times? Where do we start?
There seems to be a battle that rages in us when we know what we are called to do. But those times are what will determine if you succeed or not.

Look at Israel for instance. They were at the door of the promise land. They sent out 12 spies to go and spy the land. Please keep in mind the fact that they were right by the door of what God promised them.
It says the spies went out to spy out the land and when they came back they brought fruit as evidence that they were surely close to the land of milk and honey!
Ten of the spies begin to give the people the facts! The people over there are giants, their walls are impenetrable, we have no chance and so on and so on. The spies did not tell the people lies. The facts were true. This was surely a mission impossible!! But God is not interested in facts but faith! You may be in debt or you may be sick or lonely but He wants faith. One problem with mission impossible is we tend to rely on what we see and not on what God is seeing for us!

But this is where the problem was, they began to speak negatively. They allowed fear to settle in. They had no chance in the natural and we see that later on when they tried to go and conquer the land on their own! They didn’t count on God. They began to grumble and complain.

God has called us to dream the impossible. Our destiny is so much bigger than us but what are we speaking? Believing is important but speaking what you believe, that is where the power is!

I am reminded of a situation I am going through. It seems so big, so far out there. I would speak myself out of it by saying God made a mistake, I was not the right person and so many other things. On top of that I would listen to the words of close friends who said I don’t have a chance!  I thought I was being humble but it actually was sin. God is the One who qualifies us. He calls us not because we have the qualifications but because of His grace! So I will keep on believing right and speaking right because God is in control. My life is in His hands and He will not let me go.

Be very careful what you think and say when you are confronted with an impossible situation.

This is what I am trying to say to you. Believe God no matter how big your situation is. Believe God no matter how big and impossible the thing He has called you to do is! He wants faith and nothing else.

In Numbers chapters 13 and 14, we see how Israel missed their promise because of what they were saying. They disqualified themselves because of their words.

I found Numbers 14:36 very interesting. It says, So it happened that the men Moses sent to scout out the land returned to circulate false rumors about the land causing the entire community to grumble against Moses-all these men died. Having spread false rumors of the land they died in a plague, confronted by God.

This passage is interesting because the spies told the community the facts. There were giants and they had fortified walls but the bible says they were spreading false rumors! You may think you are being realistic about your calling by talking yourself out of it because you think you are not qualified but it is false. God thinks it is sin. When God calls say YES! Don’t start asking why me?

You have a mission impossible but it is only by trusting in God that you will get through to the other side. Don’t look at your weaknesses and what you don’t have, instead look to God. You will accomplish the calling on your life no matter how impossible it seems when you look to Him.