Fighting the “good fight”!

What is our fight as sons and daughters of God? Is our fight with the devil? A lot of people think it is. But Jesus came and defeated him so how can we still be in a war with him? We are called to fight the fight of faith!

Be fighting the good fight of the faith;

1 Tim 6:12


There are many other fights we will need to fight but this is the main one. What does fight the fight of faith mean?

It means you fight to stay in peace. When your world is collapsing around you it is a fight to stay in peace.

It is a fight to hold on to the word God has given you especially when things are going contrary to what has been spoken.

It is a fight to smile when you feel like dying on the inside.

It is a fight to speak positive when bad things are happening in your life.

It is a fight to praise God during the storm.

This is what I think fighting the fight of faith means.

My bible school lecturer tells us that the enemy is constantly trying to get us to fight in the arena of emotions and feelings and senses. If he gets us in that arena we lose but if we stay in the arena of faith we will always win. Which arena do you find yourself in?

 It is a fight to stay in faith. The enemy does not want us to operate by faith and he will try all he can to stop us from walking in faith.

The enemy is trying to get you to doubt God. If he can get you to doubt he has won. You either trust God or you don’t!

My lecturer said something so profound yesterday. He said, it is a fight to keep the light on!

Picture a light switch. When we put it on it is like our faith in use but the enemy is always trying to get us to put the light off. When we doubt it is like the light switch being switched off. A lot of Christians live their lives switching the light on and off…… that is crazy right!

Which fight are you fighting then? Fight the fight of faith!!!