Thank You So Much For An Amazing Year!!!!

As the year comes to an end I have been doing some reflecting about this blog. A lot has happened in a space of a year. I started writing in January and I had no idea what God had for me. Because of this blog I have met you. My faith has been increased because of what I have learned. Your testimonies and teachings, and experiences and advise and encouragement and you transparency and your humor have impacted me like I never imagined. I thank God for this blog, I thank God for all of you!!!!!! I truly believe this was a God ordained thing and I don’t take it lightly. I am expectant to what the new year has in store especially concerning blogging.

I have written a lot of posts this year but I am not into writing for the sake of writing. The posts I have written and will continue writing are a part of me. They are what I feel God has spoken to me about and either wants me to work on or to share with you. I don’t take them lightly at all and as teachers we are double accountable for what we teach. With that in mind I have compiled a list of my favorite posts. Not just my favorite but posts that really spoke to me. This will be a reminder of what God has spoken to me about and if there are posts you haven’t read then at least you get to read them! So here we go……

1. Conversations As A Prayer In this post I speak about how we should watch our words when we speak to each other. Our words are powerful and that applies when our guard is down and we speaking to people.

2. Persistence vs Friendship Persistence will get you what friendship can’t! Sometimes we think our friendship with God will get us what we want in prayer but in this post I show  you why persistence is more effective.

3. 4 Reasons Why I Should Ask For WisdomWisdom is essential in every Christians life. I explore why we need wisdom.

4- Don’t Count The FishJesus wants us to make Him the center. The gifts are important but the Giver of the gifts is the One we should be focusing on!

5- What Is The Truth?What truth are you living by?

6 – Why Do We Get Burnt Out? – We don’t get burnt out because we are over working but because we are doing the wrong thing???

7 – How Are We To See And Read God’s Word? God’s Word is alive and living.

8 – I Refuse…A post about decisions!

9 – The Cure To LazinessDo you want to know the cure to laziness???

10 – Being A Man or Woman of ConvictionThe world needs more people who will stand by their convictions but not just any convictions but convictions that are based on the word of God.

11 – What Does Having Potential Really MeanHave you ever being told you have potential? In this post I discuss how every human being has potential. The case is not if we have potential but how much of our potential we have actually actualized?

12 – Just Because God Said… Just because God said you have a destiny doesn’t mean you will accomplish it! In this post I show examples of people in the word of God who lost their destiny….

13 – What You Need To Know If You Are CalledA lot of “called” people are not faithful with what God Has given them now. How can God bless you with your own if you are not faithful with what He has placed in your hands right now?

14 How Do I make God Bigger In My Life? God is Big. There is no doubt about that. But what happens if we see God as small in our lives??? In this post I discuss the symptoms of someone who has a small picture of God and the symptoms of someone who has a big picture of God.


So that is it. These are the posts which really impacted me this year. It has been a great first year and look forward to an exciting new year with you all!!!!!

God bless



6 thoughts on “Thank You So Much For An Amazing Year!!!!

  1. Rolain, thank-you for sharing this past year with us – your blogging is a huge blessing. I am looking forward to hearing what God is speaking to you in the new year… Merry Christmas and the Best New Year yet (from glory to glory 🙂 ) Hannah

    • Thank you Hannah. May you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I know God has an amazing year lined up for you! A scripture that I have for you is Jer 33:3. God bless you!

  2. Rolain. Thank you for all your inspiring posts. As I read this post a certain book came to mind. The author reminds me of you. The book is “Your Move God.” It is written by Sister Frances Claire. The publisher is New Leaf, an American publisher. I had lunch with Sister Claire many years ago, and she was a senior citizen at that time. Perhaps she is no longer with us. If you can obtain the book, you might find it interesting. Good luck to you in the New Year, and thanks for your faith-filled writing!

    • I will look for the book and thanks for that. I know this is late in asking but what is your name and what does WS mean?
      May God increase your area of influence as keep on searching for Him. May He also grant you wisdom upon wisdom in 2013.
      God bless….

      • Thank you for your response. WS are my initials. My first name is Wendy, and my last name begins with an S. I am actually a very shy person, and don’t feel comfortable sharing my last name in such a public place as a blog. I understand from one of your posts that you are a teacher by profession. May I ask where you teach? And are your pupils children or adults? Have a great day. It was great to hear from you.

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