The eagles

What do you see? How you see determines your success. Depending on the way you see, you will be elevated by God or you will remain stagnant.
For many years I have been taught by my pastors on how to see like an eagle and not a chicken. There is a big difference between these two birds which you will see by the end of this post. I used to see like a chicken for many years but then I began to see like an eagle and that made all the difference. So let us get on with it.

Chickens focus on the worm in front of them. They fight for that one worm. That is all they can see.
An eagle on the other hand has remarkable eyesight. It doesn’t just see the one worm the chickens are fighting for but it sees all the other worms in the field the chickens are on and beyond!!!

Which bird are you then? Are you fighting for that one thing in front of you and because of that getting stressed and getting discouraged or are you like an eagle where you can see beyond the one field! When you see like an eagle you see so much more and because of that you have peace. You are able to see things other people can’t see. You don’t get stressed at what other people get stressed at. It takes much much more to shake you when storms come because eagles unlike chickens rise above the storm whereas chickens run away at the first sign of storms and that is why they are called chickens!

The great men and women of old did what they did because they saw what others couldn’t see. To do great things we need to start seeing the way God sees!

Are you a chicken or an eagle?????