The Death of New Year Resolutions!!!!


It is Christmas time again!!!. The year has gone by so fast it is unbelievable. This is a time where people take stock of their lives and make adjustments. On the other hand it is a painful reminder to other people of what they have not accomplished. As they realize they have not fulfilled any of their resolutions they go on to make more! But we need to realize resolutions don’t work. They don’t work because they have no foundation. What I mean by that is we get to the end of the year and decide we need changes and then throughout the year live like we haven’t made any decisions and then only think about them at the end of the year!!! What we need to do is get out of that kind of thinking and begin to set real goals.


Goals are meant to be thought out. There needs to be a preparation that takes place. There needs to be an understanding of the sacrifice involved. We seem to have got into this mindset where we think that things will just happen because we have made a resolution but that is not true. You have a BIG part to play in all of this.  I have been taught by my mentor that as human beings we need goals. We need them to such an extent that without them we die! As you set goals you will find that they create three things, energy, awareness and creativity. Let me break them down briefly.


  1. Energy Let me ask you something, if you don’t have a goal why do you need energy? Energy only comes when you need something done, when you set a goal. So start setting goals.
  2. AwarenessWhen you set a goal you become aware of the things you need. That is the way you work as a human being. Have you not had something you wanted and everywhere you went you saw it?? There might be that car you have always wanted and you keep on seeing it or a girl you like and you keep on seeing her!! That is what setting a goal can do.
  3. Creativity- When you set goals creativity is released to accomplish them.  Ideas come when you set a goal. Your appetite to read and learn everything you need to get you to the next level will increase.                                                                                                                                                  

My desire is that setting goals becomes a habit and not just something we do once and never again. As the year comes to an end this is a good time to reflect and really think about what we want.. Christmas is a strong day which we need to take advantage off. I will speak about strong days soon because a lot of people don’t understand the power of a strong day but more of that later.


Remember, without goals we die!!!!!


God bless.