The Tale Of The Complimentary Milkshake!!!

I had a very interesting experience this past week when I was at work. We had a crazy weekend one where customers all came in at the same time. I work in a coffee shop on top as well as running my own company. The coffee shop I work in is owned by the church I attend so we get a lot of Christians. Anyway, as I was working I served two very interesting ladies.
As lunch was about to end one of the ladies called me and asked me for a complimentary milkshake. I was in no position to give it to them even though I am a manager at the coffee shop reason being I am still on probation.
I told her I would ask the general manager but in my head I knew he would say no. She said she was a regular customer but in the time that I have been here which is about a month I had never served her! As I left the table to go ask the general manager she stopped me and told me that she usually gets what she wants because she has favor!!!!
I know…. I was surprised at her statement! I still went and asked the general manager and sure enough he started asking me questions like, why she wanted a complimentary milkshake and if she was a regular customer? I honestly didn’t know her and that is what I told him but instead of saying no he actually said yes!!! He didn’t know her as well but he said yes and he told me to give her the milkshake!

This really spoke to me. This lady knew who she was and she was not afraid to declare it. What do you believe about yourself? Are you declaring what God says about you? This lady was not afraid to declare what she believed even to a stranger (me)! If you know you are blessed are you declaring it? If you know you have favor are you declaring it?
Get the picture?
It is time we start declaring what God says about us. Our words have power and we need to act like we believe it!!!


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