What Does Having Potential Really Mean?


Hey everyone! It has been quite a while since I have written anything, why? It is because I have been in Malaysia for the past two weeks! God came through and I was able to go. I would like to thank everyone who kept encouraging me to keep trusting in God. In the times when my faith was weak your words really helped me. So thank you.

I got so much I would like to share with you. I seen so much and learn t so much, it’s insane! I don’t know where to start. I will write a post very soon about the places I been to, the people I met and the food I ate. I just need to compile my pictures. But for now I will share something that I learn t in Malaysia that really rocked me that is still burning within me.


My pastor spoke to our branch in Malaysia on potential and this is what I got.

What is potential? How many of you have been told, you have potential? I have been told that I got potential so many times I have lost count!!!!

But having potential is not the issue because the truth of the matter is, everyone has potential. You have potential, I have potential, and your friends have potential!!!!

The real issue is how much of that potential have you actually actualized???

You may have potential to be a great businessman or businesswoman but how much of that potential have you actualized? It is not enough to have potential, you need to actualize it! That is where a lot of us go wrong because people come to us and tell us they see such potential in us and we think that is enough! But it’s not!!!! I am in this boat as well. I was so convicted when I heard this message. I know God has great plans for me and I know I haven’t even begun to imagine it but have I really taken the time to actualize my potential? Have you taken the time to actualize your potential?

It is time to open our eyes and see the truth. God wants our potential to generate into something tangible and you have a part to play. You have a responsibility, I have a responsibility.


Sorry Lord for taking your calling lightly. Sorry for not taking responsibility for what you have given me. I refuse to sit and just do nothing. I make a decision to stand and take responsibility with your help. I need your grace and strength. Thank You Lord, Amen.

That is my prayer and I would encourage you to make a decision as well. God bless.





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