The “Trust Issue”…..

In November I will be going for a tour to Malaysia. I am really looking forward to it but this is the thing, I haven’t finished raising my money. And then I found out I needed more cash for the trip. I have to admit that I panicked a bit. I started thinking about where I would get the other money and IF I would get it. That was just crazy. In the midst of all the anxiety a thought came to me. When things get crazy and beyond my control I panic why? As the month draws to an end there is always a worrying about the bills not been paid! The point is this, God has always come through for me countless times and yet I still worry again and again! One would think the lesson would have been learned but that is not the case! Every month and every season we worry about things that God has already come through for. Is it lunacy?

Is it a case of growing up as a Christian where I come to a realisation that God is my Provider and I don’t need to worry? Do I need to get to a level where I don’t panic no matter what comes my way because I have the understanding that God has already seen everything that I will ever face and also realise He had made a way for me a long time ago?

Do I need to come to a place where I realise that nothing ever shocks God, nothing!! Do I need to come to a realisation that God is never caught off-guard because He is TOTAL control of my life?!

God is the Almighty God. None can compare to Him. He gave His life so I could live. He loves me and watches over me. Since I serve so great a God instead of panicking I need to thank Him for coming through for whatever I have been facing! I should be solid and confident not in myself but in God that everything is ok…………..

4 thoughts on “The “Trust Issue”…..

  1. Hi Rolain
    So true – it’s so hard not to worry, when we’re conditioned to make life happen for ourselves rather than trusting in the sovereignty of our almighty God. He is in control, and even the worst case scenario isn’t really, because as his children we are always in his presence, in life and in death. If he wants you in Malaysia, he’ll get you there. Yes, we have responsibility to do our part, but ultimately he will do what he’s going to do through you. He has a plan, and everything’s going to be OK, as you say.
    Thanks for your wise thoughts, very encouraging!

  2. Great post! Many people have said that worry never solved a thing. While this may be true, to some degree, worry has a place in God’s plan. Sometimes genius and ingenuity is born of worry. In reading your blog, I am convinced that God has a wonderful plan for you. My suggestion to you is, take a deep breath and enjoy whatever comes your way. Also, I have been edified many times over by your brilliant posts.

  3. Hi.
    Genius and ingenuity is born of worry!!! I have never seen it like that before. Thanks for the insight and thank you for the uplifting words. I recieve that. God bless.


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