What is more important, what you enjoy or significance?

I have just started a job at a restaurant this week. It has been a crazy week if I must say. The craziness has come about because I have my own company which I am running at the same time. So trying to balance the two things has been interesting! To top that off I have been preparing for an outreach. The outreach was on Friday and a lot of school students gave their lives to Christ. In the midst of this crazy week I have been reflecting on something. Which is more important, doing what you enjoy or doing what is significant even if

you don’t like it? I don’t like the hospitality industry and I had actually left it to start my own company. But my church has a coffee shop and I was asked to help. I had been avoiding it for quite some time but I finally decided to work at the coffee shop but the dilemma remains, I believe God wants me here but would He direct me somewhere I don’t like? What is more important, doing what you enjoy or what is significant? I know that some people get to do both and praise the Lord for you.

As I was meditating on this I remembered Jesus in the garden. He is on THE most important mission this world has and will ever know. The thing is this, Jesus knew it had to be done. If He didn’t do it then we would have to die for our own sins!

Listen to what He prays in Matthew 26:39: O my Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me; nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt.

He prays for the second time and says, O my Father, if this cup  may not pass away from me, except I drink it, thy will be done.  Matthew 26:42

Please understand what I am saying. It is important that we do the things we are passionate about. We need to fill our lives with things that we love but sometimes to get to that destination we will need to endure things that we are not comfortable with for the greater good. Jesus understood this. He loved us so much but at the same time the reality of what was about to happen dawned on Him. Yes, he asked if the cup pass from him but I don’t think He was really considering not going through with it.

As I close make sure what you enjoy doing is significant.

So my question remains, would you rather do what you are passionate about or would you do something that is going to change lives even if it costs you your life?


4 thoughts on “What is more important, what you enjoy or significance?

  1. I did something that I thought was important, I was wrong. Now, here I am in Romania (again) and praying that this time with the Lord’s guidance, I am doing it right. His plans for me……… if this is what they are then I know that He is right here besides me.

  2. Hi.
    You touched on something that is key and should always be remembered. We need to make sure we seek the Lord’s guidance in everything we do no matter how big or important something is. The fact is, the builder builds in vain if God is not building and the watchmen watches in vain if God is not watching! I pray that you get clarity on what God has for you!


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