Is It Worth The Wait?

What a day it has been. One of our pastors got married at church today. It was a really big event. He was so happy. He had been waiting for this day a really long time. They were all happy! This just got me thinking.
Is it really worth it to wait for the one God has for me?
Is it worth the wait to abstain from sex before marriage?
Is it worth the wait to not play with someone elses feelings just for the sake it?
Is it worth the wait as I have made a decision to not kiss any girl before my wedding day?
Is it worth the wait as I fight the passions and desires that war within me?
Is it worth the wait as I decide to live a life of chastity?

After what I seen today, it is worth the wait. God is delighted when we wait on Him. The bride was crying as the groom read his vows. The groom was in another world and he did not need to use words to express it. I couldn’t help but see God’s goodness, and mercy, and love and favour as all of this was taking place. I could easily imagine Him jumping for joy because two people decided to trust in Him and do it the right way!

As I end I would like to say that the enemy has tried to destroy the institution of family for a long time. Has he won? It is up to us to make sure he doesn’t win. As we go about marriage the right way we gain ground. If you are dating, do it in a way that honours God. Men, only get into a relationship if you are serious about marrying her. It does not honour God when you play with someone elses feelings. If you don’t want to marry her then don’t lead her on.

Is it worth the wait? The answer is a big resounding YES!!!