Is Hope Dangerous?

I have been thinking about hope. I have hope in a lot of things. I am hoping God is going to come through for a lot of things in my life. But I have also seen that hope cannot stay there. Hope cannot just stay as hope. We cannot just only hope for things. Here are a few things people hope for:
– Better health
– To get more money
– To get married
– To live long
– To travel and so on and so on

We need to move from “hope” to making it happen. In the things that you are hoping for, are you playing your part? There needs to be a balance.
Let me say this about hope. Hopes and dreams are expectations we have. These things are not tangible. So planning and working towards something that you are hoping for is the balance. And this I believe is where hope is dangerous. A lot of people hope for things but don’t ever do anything. I may hope for more money but the reality is, I need to work hard.

Please understand me on this. I am not saying we should be self-reliant. The fact is, we are not capable on our own. We need God. We have been given this amazing ability to hope and we should keep on hoping and dreaming but understand that God has a part for you to play. Are you playing your part in the things you hoping for? But to play your part you have to have the wisdom to know which is which. What is God’s part and what is your part?

The conclusion is this, have hope and have dreams but do your part. God has a part for you to play but at the same time know which part is yours. Don’t be caught trying to do God’s part.