Don’t Count The Fish!!!

I was at home reading another book called, CHRISTIANITY IN THE CROSSHAIRS by Bill Wilson when something he said hit me. The chapter I read was entitled, “Don’t count the fish”. I think you will find his insights very profound.

The key portion of scripture he uses is in John 21:3-17.
This story takes place after Jesus has been killed. After His death the disciples go back to fishing. In verse 3 we see that they caught nothing. Absolutely nothing! But Jesus comes to them when they reach land and tells them to go try again but this time to cast the net on the right side of the boat. When they obey the Lord they catch a huge load of fish to their surprise. Ok, now that I have brought you up to speed I am going to stop here and let Bill Wilson take over!

– The Bible states that 153 fish were caught. Now ask yourself: How did they know that there were 153 fish? I think it’s obvious. Somebody counted them! Someone counted the fish, and I have a feeling it was Peter. He was always the one doing impetuous things. Without a doubt this was probably a record catch.

– After they had finished their fried fish on that Galilean shore, they all leaned back and just savored the moment. In that moment of contemplation, Jesus broke the silence by asking Peter, “Do you love Me more than these? I’m sure that you’ve heard countless numbers of sermons preached on this subject.
However, I want you to catch this. If you had been fishing all night and caught nothing, then suddenly you were on the shore with ONE catch of 153 fish (probably your record catch), what would your mind be contemplating? It would be on the 153 fish wouldn’t it? You would be overwhelmed and obsessed with the miracle of the catch.

– Jesus asked Peter if he loved Him more than he loved “these”. What were “these”? Jesus was not talking about the other disciples, the world, or anything else. He was pointing to the fish!
Peter, do you love Me more than these 153 fish? Do you love Me more than what I just did for you?
Many of us really like what God can do for us, and it is a challenge not to miss the Giver in the midst of recieving the gifts.

– While Jesus is sitting right there in front of him, there’s Peter,
“136, 137, 138, 139.”
“Hey! Peter!”
“Hey! Hey, Peter!”
“146, 147.”
It is easy to get caught up in the WORK OF THE LORD and totally forget the LORD OF THE WORK.

Hi, I am back. I hope you were challenged by what you just read.
We need to get to a point where we love God for God and not because of the things He has done. I have fallen in this trap so many times.
The fact is this, He has done great things in our lives and He doesn’t want us to follow him because of the miracles but because He is God and He loves us! Let us stop counting the fish and focus instead on the Lord of the miracle!!!