Are You Really Praising God?

As christians, do we really understand praise? Praise is more than a song that we sing on sunday, so much more! How would you rate yourself in the area of praise? Do you regard yourself as someone who understands praise and really praises God? In this post my goal is to challenge the preconcieved ideas of praise that we have. So let’s get going.
Psalms 67:3 is the where I am teaching from. It says:

Let the peoples praise You [turn away from their idols] and give thanks to You, O God; let all the peoples praise and give thanks to You.

Psalm 67:5 says the same thing.
In this verse the definition of praise is turning away from idols! So in other words, if you turn away from idols you are praising God! On the other hand, if you are serving idols you are not praising God!
That is just one aspect of praise we are looking at. So I will ask the question again. Are we really praising God? Praise should be a lifestyle and not a once a week thing! True praise permeates every aspect of our lives. True praise changes us!
As christians we are called to praise God and give thanks to Him. The last part of that verse says,

“Let all the peoples praise and give thanks to You”.

Let ALL the people praise and give thanks! Let us as the body of Christ turn away from idols that we have allowed in our lives. It is so easy to serve idols nowadays. It is not just the people who bow down to physical objects that are wrong but it’s people who in their hearts have not made God the center of everything! It’s people who refuse to allow God into that one area that they been holding on for so long!
This is a constant fight for me. I know there are areas that I have not surrendered to God. I know this is not pleasing to God. He is looking for true worshippers. I want to really praise God. I have made a decision to make a stand against idolatry in my life!!
Will you take a stand against idolatry like I have done? Will you allow God in? Beecause in God’s eyes that is true praise!