Why Do We Get Burnt Out?

As we are busying doing what God has called us to do it is important to not burnout. But why do we get burnout? I was listening to a very interesting podcast by Christine Caine. Her podcasts are called, Coffee with Chris Caine.
If you have not heard any of her podcasts I encourage you to do so. She is amazing. Anyway she has a very interesting view on burnout that I want to share with you.

– Chris says, what some people do to replenish themselves actually depletes them.
– What do you do to replenish yourself? Make sure it does not deplete you.
When we need to be recharged we spend our time doing the wrong things.
Let me just say something on this point, our strength comes from God. He is the One who renews us. So if you are burnout spend your time reading His word or listen to some uplifting music, read a book that challenges you and so on. The point of all these things is to allow God to speak to you. Do things that will help you hear God’s voice but when you are burnout and you are doing things that are taking your mind away from God then you are depleting yourself.
– Chris says, burnout is not about the amount of time off but it is getting rid of the nothiness in your life.
I will say that a lot of us spend our time doing things that are not according to God’s pattern for our lives. So instead of doing A we are busy doing F.
Seek God about what He wants you to do. When we know what God has called us to do we will not waste time doing things totally unrelated to what we are meant to be doing.
Chris says, burnout is like a car that broke down. It broke down because it never got serviced regularly.
You burnout not because you work hard but because you don’t service your spiritual life regularly.

We need to be in the presence of God regularly. Without Him we will burnout.


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