How Do I Make God Bigger In My Life?

I was so challenged by the Word my pastor preached during the evening service yesterday. He was speaking about magnifying God in our lives. There are a few things that stuck with me that I would like to share with you.

– We need to overcome small thinking when we come to God. Our mind will block us from seeing God as He really is. We need to eliminate any and every wrong thought that we have of God.

– I cannot have big faith if I have a small God! How big is your God? So many of us focus on how big the enemy is instead of focusing on how big God is. Yes we have problems but let us focus on God who is bigger than our problems! When we focus on God, He becomes bigger in our lives and the enemy gets smaller and smaller. But when we focus on the enemy, God becomes smaller.

– We have little faith because we have a small God. It is very hard to have big faith when your picture of God is small! But at the same time it is very hard to have small faith when you have a big God! And this is the thing, you will know you serve a big or small God by your actions and prayers. Someone who serves a small God is always complaining about the problems they are facing. They are always speaking about how hard things are and so on but people who serve a big God have this presence about them. They are unmovable in hard times as they quietly wait on God. They are confident, not in themselves but in God. They speak about how great God is. They are worshippers. They are thankful people. They focus on how they can help people in the midst of what they are going through. How big is your God?

So how do you make God big in your life? Psalm 69:30, 31 has the answer. It says:

I will praise the name of God with a song and will magnify Him with thanksgiving,
And it will please the Lord better than an ox or a bullock that has horns and hoofs.

We cannot make God any bigger than He is now. So this scripture is talking about how our praise and thanksgiving will make Him bigger in OUR lives. God is so big but the problem is that we don’t see it. When we praise and thank Him, He becomes bigger in our lives.
Another way to make God bigger in our lives is to read His Word. The more Word you read the bigger your picture of God becomes!
Another way to make God bigger in your life is through worship. When you praise and worship Him He becomes bigger in your life. And we need to do this everyday of the week not just on sundays or saturdays!

As i wrap up I would like you to think about something.
What would happen if you really served a Big God?! What would your life look like if you served a big God?