Making Our Lives Count.

Why do bad things happen? This is an age old question.
One of my good friends was robbed last week. They took everything and they beat him badly. He had to be taken to hospital. Another man in my church went missing and after a few days was found murdered in his car. We live in a broken world. All these things got me thinking about this precious gift that God has given us called life. Life is precious and something that should not be taken for granted. I also got to think, did the man accomplish all that he was meant to accomplish? What were his last thoughts? It is hard when a life is snuffed out. I read a quote a few days earlier which hit me but more so now because of what happened.

It says, “When it comes time to die, make sure that all you have to do is die”. Jim Elliot

We need to think about what we are doing in the scope of eternity. Is what we are doing making a difference for eternity? If we were told we would die today would we be in regret over the things still to be done?
I want my life to count. I want to die knowing I have done all God has called me to do. What about you?
We live in a broken world but God has made us to be the light in it. Will you rise and be a light? God needs you to step up. He needs US to step up into what He has for us. Amen.


I Heard Him Clearly!!!

I have had a crazy week! It has been one thing after the other going south! But I guess it comes with the territory.
I discovered something interesting in the midst of all the craziness. Something I did not expect which got me thinking.
As all this craziness was happening I nearly lost it. My strength collapsed. My hope was lost. It is one of those times where you realise there is nothing you can do. I had no answers to the problems that were before me. I just broke down because I felt so helpless.
But this is the interesting thing I discovered in all the craziness, I saw God clearly! His presence was tangible. It’s like the problems I was going through were amplifing His presence! The bible made sense when I read it. I literally felt strength coming into me as I read His word. I felt His hand upon me as I looked to Him. It is amazing. My time with God was different.
The problems have not gone away but I am not freaking out. I have hope now. My quiet times with God are real. God speaks to me and I can hear Him clearly, much clearer than before.
I want this in my life. I need God to be real to me all the time. I almost hear myself praying for hardships because that means more of God! It’s crazy how that works.
I know God is for me. But in times of peace and everything going great it’s often hard to see it. It is mostly in times of trial and pain that we get to see God clearly.
I don’t want to forget that my God is with me. I want to experience Him in new ways everyday regardless of what is happening in my life because He is my God.