I Saw Wisdom Fight Strength!!!!

Who would win between Wisdom and Strength? Wisdom is not as physically defined as Strength. Wisdom does not rely on muscles to win a fight. Wisdom relies on what he knows. Strength on the other hand relies on brute strength to win. In past battles that has proved key. But here we are, Wisdom vs Strength.
What do you rely on when things get tough? Do you rely on brute strength to get yourself out of fixes or do you rely on the wisdom of God?
The Word of God makes it very clear who would win. Let us take a look at some scriptures.

Proverbs 24:5 says; A wise man is strong and is better than a strong man, and a man of knowledge increases and strengthens his power

Proverbs 21:22 says; A wise man scales the city walls of the mighty and brings down the stronghold in whicb they trust.

Ecclesiastes 9:16 says; But I say that wisdom is better than might, though the poor man’s wisdom is despised and his words are not heeded.

As you can see, Wisdom is the winner, godly wisdom! Seek wisdom from on high. Don’t rely on your own strength. Your strength will fail you. As I end I want to show you one more scripture about wisdom. It is an amazing scripture. It is in Proverbs 24:3,4. I will read it from the Amplified Bible.

Through skillful and godly Wisdom is a house (a life, a home, a family) built, and by understanding it is established [on a sound and good foundation],
And by knowledge shall its chambers [of every area] be filled with all precious and pleasant riches.

We build our lives, homes and families through Godly Wisdom! That is how important it is. We cannot build anything worthwhile without godly wisdom.


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