Does Your Attitude Stink? Part 2.

I hope you enjoyed the first part of my post on attitudes. This is the conclusion. In my last post I said that attitudes are neither good or bad until you set a goal. And that is why we need goals in our lives. Goals are one of the ways we can detect negative attitudes.
What are you gravitating towards? Are you leaning towards the right things and leaning away from bad things?
When you lean away from things you block out information. So if you are leaning away from something that you are supposed to be leaning towards you are in trouble. Let me give you an example of what I mean:

I was applying to go for school in another country a few years back. I was excited about it. My attitude was positive. I was hard at work doing all I could to get ready until I was told that I needed to get injections. Not one but several! I hated injections. I was scared of them. So my attitude was negative. I never changed my attitude and things got worse. In the end I was willing to abandon going to school overseas because I had a bad attitude about injections! See how ridiculous that was. But thanks to God, He opened my eyes to the craziness of what I was doing. So I changed my attitude and got the injections I needed. And that is the danger of having a bad attitude. How many of you miss great opportunities because you have a bad attitude towards something you see in that opportunity?
The good news is, you can change your attitude. It is not too late.

Look and see what attitudes you have and test them. What are you leaning towards and leaning away from? Are your attitudes advancing you or are they hindering you?
Are they advancing you into what God has for you or are they blocking you from all the amazing things God has for you?
If you have a bad attitude about something that is essential to your life, you got two choices. You can either change the attitude or drop the goal? It is your choice. Remember, attitudes determine how far you go in life.


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