What Is The Definition Of Greatness?

What do you think the definition of greatness is? What are you doing that is great? Are you doing something that is making a difference in people’s lives?
To help me answer this question I am going to talk about two men who literally changed the world. They were both regarded as great men. They were both considered successful. But as you will see, their lived very different lives. My goal in this post is to help you decide what your definition of greatness is. By the end of this post I hope you will know how to define what true greatness really is.

The first man I am going to look at is Steve Jobs. I was sad when he died. I personally think he has changed the world for generations to come. He is a history maker. He has brought something that has changed peoples lives forever. He was considered a success. He was considered to be a great man.
But as I was thinking about him I could not shake off another thought. What if he never gave his life to Jesus Christ? I read his autobiography and it looks like he did not believe in Jesus. He was not a christian. So was he really great? Could we say he was a success? Is it not sad that even though he changed the world he may be in hell???
Is he an example of a great man?

The second man I want to talk about is Martin Luther King Jr. He was also considered a great man. He didn’t have much. He wasn’t as rich as Steve Jobs but he was considered a success. His work will last for generations and the world will never be the same because of him. He is truly a history maker.

So what is your definition of greatness? Who would you want to be if you could be either Steve Jobs or Martin Luther King Jr?

Personally I would chose Martin Luther King Jr. He had a heart for people. He was more than a humanitarian or a philanthropist. He was willing to die for the cause.
This is where I think the fundamental difference between the two men are. One man was concerned about advancing himself. Yes, his inventions would make life easier for people but it was for some people.
Martin Luther King Jr had a dream that involved people. And his vision was not about him. It was not about advancing and benefiting himself. Instead he had people in mind and that is what pushed him forward in the midst of trials and hardships.

What is your definition of greatness? Before you can accomplish greatness you need to have a clear idea of what it is. Is your vision focused around advancing you and making you great, or is it focused on people?
God’s purpose for your life is for other people. His purpose for you is to impact people. It is always about people. So with that, what is your definition of greatness?