Success – A Bit At A Time.

How does one acquire success? Can anyone really explain what success is? Defining success is almost impossible these days. There are so many people who have a perception of what success is. I am not going to try and challenge what has been said about success. Instead I am going to try and define how one can be successful in all they do.
I believe success exceeds the amount of money one has. It is so much more. I am going to share a principle from the Word of God that deals with the topic of success. So let’s go.

In the world today we have a lot of people that believe that success is instant. They believe that success happens in one awesome moment. Look at the amount of people that gamble. Look at the amount of people who spend thousands ofdollars on the lottery. And even if you do win the lottery does it mean you are a success?
But the Word of God is very clear about how we become successful. I am going to share one of those ways. Let us read Proverbs 13:11 which says:
Wealth [not earned but] won in haste or unjustly or from the production of things for vain or deterimental use [such riches] will dwindle away, but he who gathers little by little will increase [his riches].

Did you see that? Those who gather little by little will increase his riches. When you work with your hands and keep at it despite the challenges you face that is when you become a success. When you don’t give up but perservere be sure you are on the road to success. This same principle applies to every part of your life.
You can’t build a strong character in a day. It needs to be worked on bit by bit, day by day, week by week. You don’t build a business in a day. It takes time to build. You make mistakes but keep moving on. A relationship is not built in a day. It takes time. You invest time and energy to make it work. It doesn’t just happen.
It doesn’t take a day to build a building. It takes a long time to build a building. Only when people work at it day by day can they complete it.
Can you now see what being a success means for you?
It’s hard work. It needs you to be patient. It needs you to be strong and very courageous. It needs you to never quit. It needs you to be committed to build bit by bit, day by day, week by week.
Are you willing? Do you want to be a success and live a successful life?
The choice is yours.


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