Even In Death?!

There was a time when I was going through a very very tough ordeal. I had no one to look to. I had no help. It seemed like all was lost. My faith had been crushed. I thought I was done for.
All I had was God. He had to come through or else I was finished. That is how bad my situation was. As I was seeking God, He gave me this scripture:
The wicked is overthrown through his wrongdoing and calamity, but the [consistently] righteous has hope and confidence even in death. Proverbs 15:32

I have shared this verse in a post before but not like this.
I would like to share it with you. I hope it helps you in tough times like it did for me.
The part of scripture that spoke to me was the last half which said “but the [consistently] righteous has hope and confidence even in death.

The Word is powerful because it creates amazing pictures of how life is to be lived, of who we really are, of our Lord Jesus Christ and much much more.
So here I was in my pain and feeling like I was done for and then God spoke to me through this scripture.
I have been made righteous by what Jesus did for me on the Cross. As a righteous person I was to have hope and confidence even in death! What a mind changing principle.
I realised that no matter how bad things where I needed to have hope and confidence in God even in death, even when things seemed dark, even when things seemed hopeless. And I realised that was the essence of faith. Despite the chaos and confusion happening around me I needed to look to God and trust Him. Even in death I was to look to God!
And that is what I did and continue doing.

What struggles are you facing? Do you feel like giving up? Are you tired of waiting for God? Are you in a life and death situation?
God is calling us to have hope and confidence in Him even in death!
He is calling us to do that because He will deliver us. Don’t give up. Things may seem hopeless but there is hope. Things may seem dead but there is life. Things may seem dark but light has come.
There is one thing that you must always fight for and that is your faith in God. The enemy will always try to destroy your hope in God. But as humans we need hope. We cannot do without it. He will try and crush it because if he does he has won.
But as sons and daughters of God we must look to God even in death! Even in death!
He can be trusted. . . .

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