A life Changing Principle.

I was facilitating a class this past week. I really enjoyed it because the course I am facilitaing is something that I love deeply. It has changed the way I see life and the way i perform as a person. There is a principle that I want to share with you that changed my life. It can change your life as well. The LIFE CHANGING PRINCIPLE IS:
Your belief determines your performance.
What do you believe about yourself? Do you the beliefs you hold about yourself limit you or catapult you forward boldly and confidently?
The beliefs you hold are critical to your growth as a person. e.g If there is a boy who is a prodigy but believes he is stupid, that boy is going to perform at the level of his belief, not at his potential. He may have the all the potential in the world but it will count for nothing if he doesn’t change his belief about himself. See how important your belief is.
I will expound more about beliefs in future posts. But this is enough for now. Examine your beliefs. In posts to come I will be teach you an easy way to change your beliefs.
And that is THE LIFE CHANGING PRINCIPLE that has played a very key role in change in who I am.