The Cure to Laziness.

Laziness can kill your dreams. It is something that needs to be eradicated at all costs. I have been struggling with laziness my entire life. But there came a time when i realised how dangerous it could be. And God continues to help me in this area.
Let us go to Proverbs 13:4 which says:
No matter how much a lazy person may want something, he will never get it.

This scripture has really been ministering to me. I have my own company and it is so easy to be lazy. You are your own boss so you decide your own working hours. It has been quite a challenge i have to say. But reading this scripture brought things into perspective.
A lazy man may want a lot of things but will never get them.

You may have a lot of things you want to do but the one thing that will stop you is laziness. You may have all the potential in the world but it will count for nothing if you are lazy! It is a harsh but true reality.
There are a lot of things i want to accomplish but if i am lazy i won’t get them.
Laziness is a disease which eats at productivity.
What is the cure then? What can we do to be free from laziness?
For the answer we need to look at the last part of Proverbs 13:4 which says, “A hard worker will get everything he wants.

Wow right! A hard worker will get EVERYTHING he wants!!! That is what the Word of God says.
The cure for laziness is hard work. I can see people wince at that statement. But it is something that needs to be done if you want results.
The thing you need to do now is look at what your attitude is toward hard work. My mentor taught me that attitude is really about where you lean towards. If you are leaning towards something then your attitude is positive. If you are leaning away from something then your attitude is said to be negative. Do you lean towards hard work or lean away from it? Is hard work something you love and appreciate despite the phyisical aspect of it or is it something you run away from?
Hard work should be something we value highly if we are to see results. It needs to be a culture trait that we have adapted. Things begin to happen when we are hard working and diligent.
So let us make it our goal to be hardworking and diligent in all that we do.
There is a promise for us if we decide to be hardworking –
In all labour there is profit, but idle talk leads only to poverty. Proverbs 14:23
In ALL labour there is profit. You will not work at something with your hands and not get something. There will profit as long as you work hard. That is a promise.