The truth about the past.

The past has the potential to destroy your future if you let it. But this does not apply to everyone. Not everyone grew up in an abusive,broken, home. There are a lot of people who grew up in a loving caring home. Those people are really blessed.
If your past has been dark then read on. If your past has been great then read on as well. You might get something you can pass on.

My past was not really great. The memories i have are mostly bad. And as i grew up and especially when i became a christian i was told to look forward and not look back to the past.
It was a really hard thing to do. Then a few years later i learnt about conditioning. And it made sense why it was hard. My mentor taught me that the way i saw my life was determined by the way i was conditioned as a child. When i speak of conditioning i am speaking about how you were spoken to and treated when you were a child.

How we were conditioned can not be taken lightly. Here i was as a grown man still struggling with thought patterns instilled as a child. I could not understand it. I was born again but still thinking small. I knew what God had called me to but still struggled with thoughts of insecurity. Why and how?
The past is the reason. The past cannot just be ignored. It needs to be dealt with.
I was taught that as humans we move towards the most dominate picture in our mind. So as a child the negative things that were said and did to me were the most dominate. But i was not taught how to change the picture. So i went through life having all the potential to be a new person but always reverting back to that negative picture that had been created when i was a child. Do you understand? What i am trying to show you, is that you have a picture in your mind of who you are. That picture was created by you according to how you were treated and how you were spoken to. Once you have that picture, everything is filtered through that it. A good example of this would be a boy who is a genius but has grown up being told he is stupid and useless. By the time he is a teenager his dominant picture is one of useless and stupid. He is last in his class. He never passes any of his tests. Why? He has the potential to do much better but because of the way he has been conditioned he cannot see the potential.
Ignoring the past in this case will not work. He will need to change the picture he has.

See how powerful the past is. You cannot just ignore it, it needs to be dealt with. People would tell me i was destined for great things but i was conditioned to see myself as dirt, as useless. And that is what i would revert back to. That is how the past affected me. If you going through the same thing know that there is a way out. That picture can change.

What you need to do is begin to change the picture that you have of yourself. First, take a look at yourself. Assess yourself. What is the most dominate picture? Is it positive or negative? Is it hindering you or pushing you forward?
Once you do that you need to create the picture you want with your words. Speak positively to yourself. Never talk down on yourself. Hang around people that encourage you and see greatness in you. Read books that strengthen you as a person. Invest in yourself.
This is a process. It takes time. But the results are worthwhile. Don’t let the past destroy your future. Turn around and deal with it. Ask for God’s help. He is more than willing to show you those things that you can’t see that are eating at you.

Your future is bright. You have so much potential in you. Do you see it? The time to change is now.


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