How to stop stuttering-What do you see. Part 2

In this second part i am concluding what i spoke about in my previous post. What do you see? I hope you can see the importance of changing the way you see. I hope you have taken a look at yourself and asked yourself some hard questions. This question is for everyone and not just a selected few.

We need to learn to see what we want happen in our lives. But it doesn’t just stop there. There is work that needs to be done. You have a part to play in the story of your life. There has been a lot of false teachings about how you just need to visualise what you want and it will happen. “Just visualise what you want happen and it will happen, they say”.
Please understand that it does not stop there. You have a part to play in your success. Its you that is responsible for your life. As God leads you He wants you to be responsible. He wants you to trust in Him and then act in faith. That negative picture in your mind is not going to change by itself.
You need to play your part by renewing your mind with the Word. Deliberately set high goals for yourself. If you want to be a pilot go for it. If you want to be a lawyer you can do it. If you desire to walk in fluency you can. God is with you. Dare to dream crazy big dreams! Don’t be afraid to dream big.
It’s imperative that your picture is positive. It’s important that your picture is so big that it scares you because,
You gravitate towards the strongest picture in your mind.
It has been proven that as humans we are drawn to the strongest picture in our minds. For example, a man who has been told he is stupid and will never amount to anything will stay in that place until he changes how he sees himself.
What is the strongest picture in your mind? Is stuttering stronger than fluency? If so, that needs to be changed. Is failure stronger than success? Is sickness stronger than health? Is impurity stronger than purity? All these negative mindsets need to be changed. You cannot afford to have them. They will be detrimental to your growth as a person. Ask God to show you the strong negative pictures that you gravitate towards.
Once He does, ask Him to help you change them.

I hope that helped. You are destined for great things. Open your eyes and see all that God has for you because He has so much in store. There are a lot more principles that i need to share with you that i know once you apply will help you tremendously.
Stay blessed.

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