How to stop Stuttering part 1

How do I stop stuttering? This is a question a lot of people who stutter ask.
As I wrote in my previous posts I used to stutter. And badly. This question
was always at the top of mind. So I hope this series will help in shedding some
insight in your situation.
I will start by asking you, How do you see yourself? Or a better question is,
how do you label yourself?
A lot of people have labels that they have given themselves based on what people
have said about them, good and bad. Parents play a part in this, teachers, coaches,
friends, mentors, doctors, and the list goes on. The problem with labels is that they
are limiting. Very limiting. I had a lot of labels especially as someone who stuttered.
If you are going to stop stuttering you are going to have to throw away those labels.
You are not a stutterer. You will not die a stuterer. Stuttering is not for life. When I
learnt this I started looking at how i saw myself. What labels did i pick up from people?
How did they affect me? A lot of what was spoken to me was negative. I live in Zimbabwe,
Africa so i never had the priviledge of going to a speech therapist. I didn’t even know
there was such a thing! The people around me didn’t understand what stuttering was which
didn’t help at all. By the end of everything I had no self esteem. No confidence. I was a wreck.
So you need to beware of what you accept. There is a word I am going to teach you. Its
called “Sanctioning”. When you give “sanction” to someone you are accepting what they
are saying about you to be truth. The problem with “sanctioning” is that once you accept
what someone says about you, it becomes a part of you. It does not matter if it’s true or
not, if you give “sanction” to what is said about you, it becomes a part of you. So
from now on you will not give “sanction” to everything and everyone. You are going to
be an option thinker. That is the way to avoid being labeled.
As an excercise, think about what people have said about you until now. Has it built you
up? Has it torn you down? Be careful who you give “sanction” to. That is the first key to